Message from CEO & President

Thanks to the support of our customers and stakeholders, this year marks the 50th anniversary of the foundation of Nisso Industries. Looking back over the 50 years since the company was established, no account of its history would be complete without factoring in the shipbuilding market in the early stages of the company’s activities. The trust and record of achievements built by Chairman Tatsuo Ono in the shipbuilding industry before the establishment of the company served to consolidate and support the company’s foundation.
After weathering the oil shock of the early 1970s, Nisso Industries made inroads into the construction industry in search of new markets and, without pause, tackled the challenges of reaching the very highest architectural levels in the industry and extending its achievements to build a bright and prosperous future. Products like the Angel's wing and Column Stage served to drive the company’s rapid growth in the steel-frame scaffolding. During the course of its history, the company developed the 3S Modular scaffold, the driving force behind the success of Nisso Industries today and which made it possible for the company to advance into civil engineering. Nisso Industries has been a trail blazer in new fields at each stage of its growth, and I believe that it is this ability to adapt that has made the company what it is today.
While Nisso Industries has followed this course to the present day, I believe that the management environment has reached a turning point. Looking at areas where restoration and recovery activities are currently underway, for example, demand is limited. Not only that, but because the process of restoration and recovery is limited to specific areas, meaningful decisions on a nationwide basis are absolutely impossible to make.
If one considers whether or not markets will grow not only in the construction and civil engineering industries, as well as in public works projects, I feel that there is absolutely no doubt that we cannot expect such growth. I believe that recognition of this situation is shared throughout a wide range of industries.

Development of Strategies for Maintenance Markets as Trends Change from Flow to Stocking

Turning our attention now on how to cope with this situation in concrete terms—we first need to go back to the basics and undertake initiatives to spread our roots not only in existing areas, needless to say, but in new directions. At the same time, we need to seek opportunities in the maintenance field where we can apply engineering skills and capabilities. I believe that we also need to expand business by developing engineering capabilities that match such needs.
I believe that if we examine the situation carefully, then the strengths of Nisso Industries can be divided into two areas. The first is a corporate culture of pursuing and putting into practice the engineering capabilities we have developed over the last 50 years. The second is maintaining an abundant inventory of diverse special products.
The second of these is problematic. An abundant inventory means excessive stock in times of diminishing market equilibrium. In other words, we need to make changes in applications in preparation for the era of maintenance.
I believe that this attitude is a distinctive characteristic of Nisso Industries. Looking half a step ahead of the times to realize adaptation and commercialization, continually applying our engineering capabilities to launch products that appeal to our customers, or tenaciously persevering in times of adversity. Earlier in this message, I said that we have reached a turning point, and this is also a declaration of our resolution to practice management that manifests our company’s distinctive characteristic of adapting to circumstances and responding rapidly for the very reason that we are in the midst of a time of major market changes.

Forging ahead with the Creation of the Optimum Corporate Culture

A company must be an eternal entity. While we have now reached the advent of our company’s 50th anniversary, Nisso Industries will undergo major evolution as an engineering company looking ahead to its 50th anniversary and, beyond that, its centennial. The enterprising spirit that we call “Nisso-ism” is the very breath of our company. In the future, we will further consolidate safety and security and continue to apply our engineering capabilities in response to market demands. By sustaining the vitality and positive outlook of Nisso Industries, the core company of the Nisso Group, it is my wish that, as an outstanding company that contributes to society, we will continue to undertake the task of satisfying both our employees and customers.
The most important consideration as a company is to realize an environment that motivates and brings joy to our employees and fulfills our responsibility of providing steadfast treatment. The Nisso Family logo is the company policy of Nisso Industries and represents a solid foundation that all our employees can rely on. It is my wish that our family will continue to work together hand in hand to build the very best possible corporate culture.

代表取締役 小野 大

Dai Ono
Chief Executive Officer & President
Nisso Industries Co., Ltd.