Corporate Profile

Name of Company
NISSO Industries Co., Ltd.
Head Office
1-10-1 Kakigara-cho, Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0014 Japan
TEL: 03-3668-2701
FAX: 03-3668-2708
Tatsuo Ono, Representative Director and Chairman
Dai Ono, Chief Executive Officer & President & President
Date of Establishment
June 1968
1.79134 billion yen
Number of Employees
275 (Male: 217, Female: 58) *Group Total: 462
Sales Volume
27.40000 billion yen
Development, design, manufacture, sales and rental of temporary equipment and materials for use in fields including Commercial Building, civil engineering, shipbuilding and Industrial
Qualifications and Certifications
Triple Management
  • ISO9001:2015 Acquired Quality Management System accreditation
  • ISO14001:2015 Acquired Environmental Management System accreditation
  • ISO45001:2018 Acquired Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series accreditation
Special Construction Business License: Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport License (Special-26) No. 11613
All construction business, steel structure construction business, machinery and equipment installation business, all civil engineering business, scaffolding and earthworks construction business
Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport License (Special-30)No,11613
Painting business , Disassembly business
Class-1 Registered Architect’s Office
Tokyo Metropolitan Government Registration Number 57353
Osaka Metropolitan Government Registration Number (I) 22176


  • June 19 Head Office established in Edogawa-ku, Tokyo.
  • June 19 Capital 4 million
  • Launched sales of “Stanchion,” a safety handrail
  • Capital 12 million
  • December Established the Funabashi Plant in Chiba Prefecture.
  • July Head Office relocated to Kakigara-cho, Nihonbashi, Chuo-ku, Tokyo.
  • March Tomobe Plant opened in Ibaraki Prefecture.
  • May Launched sales of “Angel's wing.”
  • January Established NISSO America Corporation in Los Angeles, U.S.A.
  • February Launched sales of “Flying Bridge,” a safe aluminum access passage.
  • June Launched sales of “Column Stage.”
  • November Established the Iwama Office in Ibaraki Prefecture.
  • January Launched sales of “NISSO 3S Modular scaffold.”
  • April 3S Modular scaffold certified under Approval System No. 1 of the Scaffolding and Construction Equipment Association of Japan pertaining to safety of temporary structures.
  • March Established NISSO Europe Gmbh in Frankfurt, Germany.
  • July Opened the Yokaichi Office in Shiga Prefecture.
  • June Established NISSO techno-Plaza in Techno Garden, Makuhari, Chiba.
  • July Launched the Construction Site Safety Management Department.
  • January Opened the Headquarters for Reconstruction of the Hanshin/Awaji Area.
  • May Awarded the Technical Achievement Award by the Japan Society of Civil Engineers.
  • February Temporary stand with 30,000 seating capacity adopted at the Nagano Olympics Opening Ceremony.
  • April Acquired ISO9001 accreditation.
  • June Acquired OHSAS18001 accreditation.
  • April Acquired ISO14001 accreditation (became a triple-management company).
  • May Launched sales of “Slope Scaffolding Series.”
  • December Launched sales of fall-preventive props for folded-plate roofs
  • May Launch of sales of “Advanced Facade Frame,” an aluminum handrail frame with base board.
  • September Launch of sales of “Toe Board,” a one-touch L-shaped base board.
  • August Delivered temporary housing to prefectures in the Tohoku region.
  • May Opening of “Tokyo Sky Tree,” the crystallization of NISSO’s scaffolding engineering.
  • May Variable Stair selected as recommended technology by NETIS of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.
  • May Okinawa Memorial Convention held to mark the 45th anniversary of the establishment of NISSO Industries.
  • May Representative Director and President Tatsuo Ono appointed as Representative Director and Chairman.
  • May Representative Director and Vice-President Dai Ono appointed as Chief Executive Officer & President & President.
  • March Won the Chiba "Genki Jirushi" Company Award (Prefectural Governor's Award)
  • June “QuikDeck” announced.
  • June Launched the QuikDeck Division
  • December Capital Increased to 1,791,340,000 yen
  • December QuikDeck movie won the "Idea Award" Special Award at the 3D-VR Simulation Contest
  • January Developed "TOBINOS," a joint scaffolding, and "Pla-one GUARD," an extensible railing for single pipe scaffolding
  • November Chairman Tatsuo Ono presented with a certificate of appreciation from the Indonesian minister of labor
  • November Held the Autumn Meeting of the NISSO Family Fureai Society in Iwama
  • July Held the 3K Master Hokkaido Competition
  • September Launched the Slope Division
  • December Basic Act on Construction Workers unanimously passed
  • February Held a celebration to commemorate the establishment of the Basic Act on Construction Workers
  • March Launched the River Division and the Bridge Maintenance Division
  • July Held the 50th 3K Master Competition at Belle Salle Shiodome (All employees gathered)
  • October Held a baseball tournament in Ibaraki for to promote in-house interaction (Played between teams consisting of a mix of members from Iwama, Yokaichi and the Metropolitan area)
  • July Opened the 「Method of Construction Office for Safety Scaffolding Infrastructure Maintenance」
  • August Held the 50th Honored Hawaii Anniversary
  • December Launched the「W HangerDeck」
    Established the 「Kyushu Engineering Training Centre」
  • July Opened the 「Scaffold Contracting Department」 / 「Scaffold Contracting Department for West Japan Railway」(Osaka, Okayama, Hiroshima, Yamaguchi, Yonago, Kanazawa)
  • October Launched the QuikDeck Light