3S Modular scaffold

Octagon modular scaffold

Wedge Binding System Scaffolding and Shoring

3S Modular scaffold
  • Scaffolding
  • Shoring
  • Structure

As indicated by its name, the 3S Modular scaffold is often used for temporary scaffolding, shoring, and stands in civil engineering, construction, and factories, as well as a wide range of other applications. The system has a truly impressive reputation.


  1. The 3S Modular scaffold is a one-touch wedge-type clamp that can be quickly and easily assembled and dismantled.

  2. All that is needed for assembly is a hammer, and even inexperienced workers can perform the task of assembly with speed, precision, and reliability.

  3. The 3S Modular scaffold dismantles into minimally sized parts that can be transported by hand for economy of storage space and transportation costs.

  4. The 3S Modular scaffold is hot-dip galvanized to provide especially outstanding rustproof performance.

Examples of Use

Structures with complex shapes and general construction on difficult sites
Scaffolding and shoring for gymnasiums, pools, lecture halls, concert halls, sports stadiums, arenas, and parking lots.

Heavy loads and slopes on all kinds of civil engineering construction sites
On and under expressways, bridges, bridge piles, subways, multipurpose utility corridors, submerged tunnels, sewage treatment plants, and silos.

All kinds of events that take advantage of the functional and formative aesthetics of the 3S Modular scaffold Seating, objects, displays, pavilions, modules, stages, and escalators

Shoring for construction on expressways

Shoring for architectural construction

Shoring for construction on expressways

Travel unit for mobile shoring

Equipment for elevation to column capitals

Scaffolding around test equipment

Mobile scaffolding for finishing indoor ceilings

Covering roof for excavation sites

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