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Since its establishment, Nisso Industries Co., Ltd., has supplied temporary equipment for use in construction, civil engineering, factories, and shipbuilding. In recent years, diverse needs have emerged in the logistics industry for safe, energy-saving equipment engineering, and in response, Nisso Industries focused on the development of product engineering, which culminated in the Suspended Pallet, a foldable net pallet, and the company’s first product in the field of logistics.


Many years ago, equipment and products were loaded onto trucks in bulk or bundled according to numbered lines; today, the approach of loading products on pallets has been adopted. Changing to this pallet rental approach resulted in the improvement and facilitation of the processes of storage, packaging of returned items, and acceptance in transportation and on-site scenarios.

However, pallets must be handled by forklifts, and wires must be attached to the pallet netting for on-site hoisting, which was an unsafe approach that led to complaints about safety from customers and clients. To address this problem, one suggestion was for the wires for hoisting to pass though the netting at the bottom of the pallet, but this was a time-consuming approach.

To resolve the safety issue, Nisso Industries developed a new net pallet with safety hooks for hoisting mounted on the four corners of the top of the pallet after repeated tensile testing. To facilitate movement for loading heavy items, the pallet was furnished with 200φ casters. The load without casters is 1500 kg and 1000 kg with casters. A full load can be stacked to four levels. Suspended Pallet can collapse into a compact height of 300 mm for ease of storage. Because the material is hot-dip galvanized netting, the product offers outstanding rustproof performance and durability.

Examples of Use

Examples of Loads
Steel parts, automobile parts, machine tools, construction machinery, railroad equipment, macadam, electrical wiring, shipbuilding equipment, marine products, and agricultural products (fertilizer, agricultural produce)

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