Temporary Gland

Nisso Modular Seating System (PATD) Stadium Temporary Gland

Temporary Spectator Stand for Spacious Individual Seating

The Nisso Modular Seating System (PATD) Stadium Temporary Gland makes use of the Nisso 3S Modular scaffold (PATD) Octagon modular scaffold, original Nisso Industries products, for the framework of spectator stands that take advantage of the functionality and efficiency provided by the series.

Thanks to its functionality and appearance, the Nisso Modular Seating System (PATD) Stadium Temporary Gland was adopted for the Nagano Olympics and the Asian Games.


The Nisso Modular Seating System (PATD) Stadium Temporary Gland features horizontal, vertical, and brace structures. Connections between each of the modules can be assembled simply by hammering in wedges. In addition, all the seats are removable to realize a one-touch structure where the seats simply need to be inserted and slid into place. Assembly and dismantling is amazingly simple; in addition, the stand size before assembly and after dismantling is extremely compact, making for ease of storage.

The painstaking manufacture based on careful design down to the last detail completely eliminates all gaps in the components for passageway decks and stairs. Unstinting attention to the beauty of the appearance and safety doubles the enjoyment of spectators. In addition, the design makes it possible to lock the anchor pins used to couple passageway decks (Nisso Silk Road) from the top or bottom of the decks for events, as well as for assembly and dismantling. The development of this product has resulted in dramatic improvements in both safety and workability. Moreover, the decks are made of aluminum for simplicity of transport.

The Nisso Modular Seating System (PATD) Stadium Temporary Gland can provide seating for 100 to 50,000 to accommodate a wide diversity of seating requirements. A wide range of specifications are available upon request, including the elements of dimensions, seating capacity, and color combinations as well as other equipment (e.g. access ramps, entrances and exits, and seating for the handicapped), and we look forward to handling your needs. In addition, the Stadium Stand can be installed on slopes and uneven surfaces. Moreover, detachable seating makes it possible to freely create a wide variety of patterns by combining seat colors.

Examples of Use

Beginning with the temporary stands with 32,000 seating capacity at the Nagano Olympics in 1998, the Nisso Modular Seating System (PATD) Stadium Temporary Gland boasts a wide-ranging track record of seating for 15,000 at the Asian Games in Bangkok and 10,000 at the World Aquatic Championships in Fukuoka in 2001.

Fuji International Speedway F1 Japan GP

13th Asian Games in Bangkok

Ube Kosan Open golf tournament

World Aquatic Championships in Fukuoka

Macao Grand Prix

6th Nippon Domannaka Festival

National Sports Festival of Japan, Archery Tournament in Shizuoka

World Women’s Softball Championship in Shizuoka

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