Development of Technologies for the Safety of Workers

NISSO—a company that created a wide range of temporary construction machinery, materials, and structures A constant element underlying the creation of these products is the corporate theme "Nisso for Safety, Technology, and Reliability," which has been a core concept of the company since its foundation.
However, development capabilities and technological strengths alone are not sufficient to launch original product lineups. With a firm grasp of the elements of the needs of the times and marketing, which is the concept of staying one step ahead of the times, Nisso Industries skillfully combines diverse elements to develop products that offer greater quality and high cost performance.


Industrial Property Rights (230 patents and 206 design registrations)

Nisso Industries is a pioneer in the field of temporary construction machinery and materials and is always a step ahead of the times. The products developed by Nisso Industries incorporate cutting-edge engineering expertise and technologies in all aspects of shape design, dimensional precision, and machining methods.

Accreditation and Approval by the Scaffolding and Construction Equipment Association of Japan

Nisso Industries has created countless comprehensive engineering systems that exceed the bounds of conventional wisdom for temporary construction structures to enhance the company' s reputation across the globe as "Nisso for Technology."
As proof of this, in 1988, our temporary construction structures using the 3S Modular scaffold acquired accreditation by the Scaffolding and Construction Equipment Association under Approval Regulation No. 1 of the approval system for the safety of equipment such as temporary construction structures.
In addition, in 1995, the company' s temporary construction structures using the 3S Modular scaffold and Civil engineering Series were accredited under Approval regulation No. 15.

Factory Test Equipment

The strength of products developed by Nisso Industries has been verified through repeated testing using dedicated factory testing equipment to ensure that only products that have undergone rigorous safety verification are supplied for use on construction sites.

Falling Object Test Scenarios

As proof of the safety of the handrail preset scaffolding and secure scaffolding that facilitates work, Nisso Industries performs falling object tests using dummies at venues for exhibitions or factory observation tours by customers to deepen the understanding safety by users.

CAD-assisted Layouts and Design

Nisso Techno Corporation (Class-1 Registered Architects Office), one of the affiliates of Nisso Industries and the in-house Engineering Business Division use CAD to perform falsework layout and design.
Extensive testing and technologies are applied so that visible safety and tangible security are incorporated into all temporary construction machinery and materials, earning Nisso Industries a reputation on construction sites for the unfailing reliability of its proposals.

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